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Up Close & Personal

Welcome to NuSpace, a forward-thinking carpentry and home renovation firm founded in 2019. Our team, anchored by finish carpenters with over 17 years of experience, blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern approach to service. At NuSpace, we embrace technology to enhance customer experience and streamline our processes.

Understanding the evolving needs of our clients, we offer the convenience of digital transactions. From detailed estimates to clear, itemized invoices, all our documentation is provided in a digital format for ease of access and environmental consciousness. We accept credit card payments, making transactions seamless and secure.

In line with our commitment to modernity and convenience, we provide our clients with the flexibility to initiate and manage their projects digitally. You can request a quote for your job directly via text or through our user-friendly website. This approach not only saves time but also allows us to respond promptly to your needs.

At NuSpace, we're not just about building spaces; we're about building connections with our clients by using technology to make our services more accessible and responsive. Discover the NuSpace difference, where traditional craftsmanship meets the digital age.

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